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Video Post Sun, Jul. 22, 2012 2 notes

I feel really good after today.  I ran/walked a 5K with my boyfriend.  He used to run cross-country, but hates running, so I can never convince him to do any races with me.  When I told him about the Color Run, he just figured it was a normal 5K.  However, he looked at the website and called me a bit later and was like, “That looks really cool!”

So we signed up.

Two out of apparently 15,000 people there.

It was INSANE!  And so much fun!

We did packet pick-up this morning.  I ordered a medium shirt.  Usually with white shirts I order a large… because they are white.  I put the shirt on and was amazed.  It was a tad big!  I couldn’t believe it.

Then, we take a bunch of pictures.  I’m looking through them and I am so surprised by how good I look.  I legitimately feel good about the way I look… AND IN A WHITE SHIRT AT THAT.

We all have those days, some more than others, where you just feel like all of this hard work you’re putting in is for nothing.

Most of my days I feel that way.  Today, I feel like maybe it’s actually paying off.

So I’m sharing my pictures with you.  :)

I hope that you can all experience a day like I had today, where you fully love how you look and don’t see any of the flaws.

Just realized!

I have a 20%-off coupon for Mizuno merchandise at Hanson’s Running Store from the half-marathon I did in May.  Looks like I’m going to try out some Mizuno shoes!